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We hold in our hands the game controller of our lives, and no; there is no turbo function! So what are we to do with it? Play of course :)

Interestingly frightening

Accidentally typing in $1000 instead of $10 in the Humble Bundle donation box does two things: first, your eyes widen and you hurriedly pull your hands away from the keyboard lest they turn on you after all those years of fragile pact-making and click ‘confirm my bankruptcy please’ as you watch in horror (they warned you about making them scratch down there!).  Then your eyebrows rise and your head cocks to one side as you read the congratulatory message informing you that you have become one of the highest contributors (a bit presumptuous) and asking if you would like to be publicly thanked.  For a split second I felt like the 1%, those people who get stuff purely by merit of being rich, a trait that is ironically inversely proportionate to how much free stuff you would genuinely need and be thankful for.  I was about to give someone a lot of money, and in return I would receive a public pat on the back.  Then I realised that I’ve paid into every Bundle for PC so far, and I never received so much as a wink, and yet by giving away more of what I don’t have I might actually get a bigger reward.  It’s for charity isn’t it?  Why would I want rewards beyond the original incentive?  I feel bad enough donating just because I want the games, let alone then wanting to donate more for the public recognition.  Is it to much to ask to have someone from Humble ring me up and give me phone sex as thanks?  I’d even settle for a picture of someone biting their lip in a coquettish manner.

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